Eye Cream For Dark Circles: This Is The Shizz

Apologies for the lapse in posting, I’ve been travelling around India where the wi-fi seems as reliable as a bike powered by a pedalling monkey. And if this is the first time you’ve come to the blog, welcome! And ignore that first sentence.

In the time I’ve been away, I’ve turned 37, and more on that later. But I wanted to share a new product I bought to help with the dark circles under my eyes.

Being Asian, mine are hereditary, and I used to be obsessed with them at school. I used to poke them, prod them, cover them with concealer which back in the day came in limited shades for brown skin so I looked like a reverse panda.

Then one day, I just got over it. I noticed them less and I got better concealer. Until last year, when I saw them getting darker and puffier. At first I thought it was stress, until I quit my job and even sitting on a beach didn’t seem to reduce them.

Then, about a month ago, while I was compromised on a BA flight by way of a LOT of red wine, I flicked through the in-flight magazine for some shopping. I came across this product called Remescar, and not only was it 20% off, but it sounded pretty compelling in its ability to reduce dark circles by around 75%, and the results apparently happened in a few minutes.

When I asked the air stewardess for one, she said that they’d been selling like mad. Reassuring endorsement, I thought.

However, being somewhat of a lazybones in my beauty routine – I go for simple and straightforward – I didn’t use this for a couple of weeks. Reason being, there are some rules around using it eg you can’t use oil-based products with it, you have to squeeze a very specific amount of the product on and not move your face for about two minutes.

So I put it off and put it off until I noticed my dark circles and eye bags looking particularly delightful.

To caveat, I paid for this product with my own wonga, so it’s unbiased. But this product verges on witchcraft.

The skin definitely feels tighter, but what really astonished me was that my circles were lighter in colour. Or least appeared to be. The brand says it does this by “using a unique combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex which will lead to strong skin tightening, a decrease of fluid accumulation under the eyes and a micro-muscular pause. These actions will help to reduce the puffiness of the eyes and eliminate the appearance of dark circles.”

I’m not hugely keen on the rest of the brand’s promise on other products to eliminate ‘crow’s feet’ as that’s a sign of ageing and presumably requires more work than a beauty product, but this one is a winner. It costs £29.99 but you can probably get in cheaper online.

So bottom line is, it won’t be able to get rid of dark circles altogether, but it makes them look better and can definitely remove/reduce puffiness. Great for hangovers or if you’ve had a lack of sleep, and I must say, far more effective than any eye cream I’ve used, if a bit more high maintenance.

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